I purchased numerous lingerie items from online Macys since they have limited sizes/styles/colors in the store. I kept some items, and went to the store to return the rest that didn't fit.

I went to the lingerie department. The clerk saw me walking up to her and you could see right away she was upset. She was on two calls that had to be referred to the manager because she couldn't handle them. While she was helping me, she wanted to keep waiting on other customers who were just browsing.

I presented my receipts (all the same order) and right away, she asked me what items go with which receipt (like I'm the one who works for Macys!). I told her they were ALL on the same order, it didn't matter! She couldn't get that. She asked me why I bought all that stuff online and not at the store.

She could barely read English, so she couldn't find the items on the receipt without my help. She had to credit the items individually instead of doing them all together. She then asked me why I ordered so many. You would think in her industry she would know all manufacturers sizes are different.

She asked me 'don't you know your size'. She told me I needed to go to the BIG ladies store to do my shopping! When she was done with the returns, I asked her to count the receipts to be sure she got them all. She couldn't even do that and came up short.

So she started to argue with me when I tried to help her like I was accusing her of cheating me. She even wanted to look in my purse and on myself to see if I had more receipts I took from her, and came around the counter to look! I told her to call her manager over to help. She did add incorrectly of course.

When we were done, she told me in front of her boss, that I didn't trust her and kept it up. I can't believe her boss never told her to shut up! I gave it back to her and wish I did more. This is the second time a clerk said that to me with my returns at this Macys at the Galleria Mall in Henderson Nv.

The store will be getting my letter of complaint, not that it will do any good.

Their customer service is in another country that doesn't speak English either and doesn't care!

After spending $1500, Good riddance Macy's Account! I can take my business elsewhere without the insults.

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