I have never had an order mismanaged so badly when ordering online. and I do it all the time with other stores. they really could get a tip or 2 from Nordstrom on this one.

First I placed and order for a gift certificate that got canceled because I couldn't use my credit for buying a git certificate. And No one bothered to inform me, I only got to know because my friend didn't receive anything for a week.

Then I went ahead and made that and other purchases with the gift certificates and credit card. this is where it gets really interesting:

- apparently they call you back and then you have to call them back for 'consumer protection'. ( get real!)

- I only found out because my order was canceled and I had vm when got back home from work.

- so I call back the next day and they reinstate but don;t apply the coupons and fof course a couple items are no longer available.

- 15 mins later I get an email saying my order ifs canceled again.

- I call to check what happened, they call back saying that the ' VISA' card you used refused and you need to call the. I NEVER used a VISA card....

finally I give up, I canceled the order I guess I am not shopping at macys.com again.

I ahve never had such a bad experience online ever before. even smaller companies handle things better than this. I will not be buying from macys.com again. Just need to make sure I get refunded.

Review about: Macys Credit Card.

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