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Macys is a terrible place to work for. If you knew what they say about customers behind their backs or what they do to push more items on people you would never want another associate coming after you again.

Been working at Macys for a month and a lot of people say "you should be grateful you have a job" yeah, i have a job alright but im not making any money because i cant get any hours. They have this ridiculous system in place for getting hours which is like feeding meat to the wolves and watching them fight over it. They also have a "system" where full time employees get first grab then part time then flex. Im part time and let me tell you i've been working there for a month and i havent even gotten 30 hours out of them and the week of the 6th, there were NO hours open for me to grab when it came to "my turn." I now am looking for a new job if macys cannot figure out a way to get its current employees hours but they continue to hire people, with holiday season i understand but there arent any hours for us people who arent temporary.

I also dislike working with the associates, im a genuinely nice person but really? is it necessary to slap on a smile and help a person then once they're out of ears shot you start commenting on how they obviously are not a size 4 and then start laughing. Its really uncomfortable plus the fact that when it comes to non goal associates (fitting room people) they treat you like ***. They bounce you around like a ping pong ball and give you this whole list of things to do when theres nothing to do in the fitting rooms but if they dont see you with something in your hands they start yelling at you.

I also get constantly stuck with folding or other tasks that no trained me in and when i ask to be shown how to do it properly and how macys would like it i get ignored then yelled at some more because it doesnt look how they want it too. I have also found that they only like giving one return/fitting room associate per one large area and expect you to do an entire laundry list of things in a short time while constantly being to do things and asked if i can ring up then getting a po'd reaction from other associates because they "cant go to lunch without someone to run the cash register." Even their billing is messed up, my mother has a macys card and made a payment one day (i was there and saw) but just charged her a late fee because she supposedly didn't pay last months bill. They're return service is hopeless too, yeah they will take items that store doesnt carry but they will only refund the purchase on a macys gift card.

I absolutely hate working here, makes me so miserable and i cannot wait to get out and away from them. I probably will never shop there ever again either after i quit.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1268861

they be racist bcuase jenavee fired me bcause my music b to imploit for da workplace. i b just unloadin da truck and she b mad bcuz i gotz stomik bug.

but they b closin it down now. miss my bs on da dock.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1263682

I've worked for Macy's for a year and a half now. Complete ***.

Started as seasonal in receiving then was hired on permanently. Still don't get hours. Other seasonal employees that have just started are getting more hours than me.

So not right. They use there employees and do not treat them right.


Macy's is indeed the worst place to work they do not care about there employees at all I think the attendance point system is *** and who ever heard of a company not excepting a doctor's note as an excuse for being absent all these other retail company's their employees are being paid 10.00 an hour two and a half years and still under ten dollars wow I see why there's so many homeless people who can live off that


Yeah " your right people at macy's are not nice at all.And the Manager's sucks and very ungreatful.


I just got hired and i dont expect a thing from it besides a tiny bit of money and experiance.

its retail they hire lots of people so why would you expect hours like your the boss it aint gonna happen.

maybe they do suck but at the end of the day did it kill you?


I wish i had read this. i worked in Macy's for the holidays in 2011 and i never had an issue getting hours.

i would tell my manager when i was available and she would give me the hours. even in the holidays it always felt like we had the right number of people. there was always someone in the cash register, at least two associates in the fitting room, and at least four people on the floor folding, hanging clothes, or putting stuff back. it never felt like we had too many people or too few.

now i am back because i want to work at least 15 hours a week to help me with my tuition payments. i thought this would be a done deal since its only 15 hours but not only can i not get in touch with my manager to let her know i did my training so she can start calling me in but i also could not pick up any hours in that hunger game my schedule plus. not just for this week but until the week of 8/15. wtf?

i know that i can get the hours if i could just reach my manager but her extension keeps sending me to voice mail. i am trying to reach HR but man, those people never pick up over there.


I've worked at Macy's for three years now. It's not near as bad as the complainers seem to make it.

If you're willing to work and take responsibility, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Work hard. Show management you care and they will work with you. I think I went from part time 5 to part time to full time in three months Sure the pay is not the best, but I am happy in my job.

I consider many of my coworkers and good customers close as family; you see them everyday. I will be sad to see them go when I leave the store.

to Anonymous #1393235

How can you show them you "care" if like me, you just got hired 2 days ago seasonally and your schedule has NO HOURS for a whole month! WTF! I care about finding another job.


There are fake reviews here on how great Macy's is to work for, only the cry babies and big mouth trouble makers get hours


Been there, still doing that


I worked at macys alton square as a furniture associate. They gave me *** hours so i had no opportunities during rush times to make sales or open credits.

And get this they gave a new associate after id been there two years overtime every week and i got stuck with 15 hours a week... screw macys...


i would never recommend working at macys hampton bays where the management only tolerates minorities because its the law, but, they treat everyone like slaves and pay only minimum wage to start and nothing to talk about for raises. You have to really be desperate to go with the flow here.

The administrators are wierd and the managers brain dead.

the only positive is the nice people you meet who shop there


It's probably just the macys you work at. Every macys is different bc there are different employees. And grow some balls don't let them walk all over you yelling at you and stuff, when they haven't shown you what to do.


I absolutely can't believe what they did to me. They hired me on as a seasonal and totally lied and said I could easily get many hours a week.

I only have 5 days of work for the whole season. They swore I could get lots of hours my using the onsite scheduling.

They lied. There is not one opening for the seven weeks!!!!very disappointed in them.needless to say I've been looking elsewhere

Neptune Township, New Jersey, United States #901710

You people complaining sound like the laziest people on earth. How hard is it to fold a shirt?

Of course you are going to get yelled at for just sitting around.

It is a job and you are getting paid to work, whether that is to fold clothes or to ring up customers, not to sit around complaining. If you don't like it quit and move over so someone else can do it.

to Alicia #1038989

lol I love your comment :)

to Alicia #1087761

Lol you actually think that people are complaining because of folding shirts and ringing up people. Look at the comments again in detail.

The biggest problem is the management structure of the company. It is one of the most demoralizing places you could work at. Their main focus is opening credit cards, and you're job is at risk if you fail to open enough even when you go above and beyond by ringing lines for consecutive hours or fold those wonderful shirts you're talking about or work earlier or later than scheduled because management can't hire enough people to maintain cleanliness and people to work registers. I could go on but the others covered their issues.

And no changing jobs these days is not as easy as changing used clothes for new ones. If you want to quit your job (assuming you have one without a small loan of a million dollars) and work as a sales associate (not an executive) feel free to do so

Farmington, Michigan, United States #900489

This is 2014 I am a seasonal worker and things has not change one bit....I get no more that 15 hours one week and then one day...of either 4 or 6 hours...this is suppose to help you get through the Christmas holidays... but with what money?....they have their favorites...and I think this job is not worth of my time...I cannot wait to be done...NEVER AGAIN...

to Carol #1023367

i agree to that apply for a cashier position and you will be put in reciving position where you can never grow as you get limed hours and hare hired for only holiday season.

Los Angeles, California, United States #891002


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